A documentary of an addicted athlete, striving for greatness; where you will find weekly training updates w/ photographs, periodically a ramble (or two) and reviews (e.g. shoes, packs, nutrition, etc.).


Who are you exactly? I am a full-time university student currently seeking a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Anthropology. I love running, food, biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and everything related to the world of sport.

Why Running?  Ever since I have fallen in love with the ability of being able to move myself across the ground with my own two feet; no instruments, no gear, just a pair of shoes and the will to run.

How Long Have You Been Running Total (years)? Ehhm…….2-3 total?

What are your Athletic Goals? I’ve got a lot of goals that I’m currently set on in life, but there will always be some that out-way others. I want to one day run alongside the greatest runners of all time. Race along them on the paths of the most iconic Ultra-Races known to man.

What are your favorite foods? Cereal, potatoes, rice (sushi/sticky rice), chocolate, cookies, and ice-cream.

What is your typical diet? I typically eat a Gluten Free diet, but still have the occasional slice of bread from time to time. Lots of potatoes, beets, green veggies, rice, corn, cereal, oats, and fruit make up the bulk of my carbohydrate sources. Most of my protein comes from Greek Yogurt and Eggs. Rarely eat meat, not that I choose not to, I just like eggs and yogurt better. Fats are mainly from 100% Grass-fed Butter, Coconut Milk, Almond & Peanut Butter (love Nutella), Avocados, Fish Oil, and fats from meat/fish (i.e. grass-fed beef, sardines, oysters, etc.).


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