An Introduction

Pine and Cedar Overview (04/22/2013)

Brief Introduction: Like any new blog that pops up among the already millions that exist on the inter-web, an introduction is in order. To inform the readers what they are potentially going to be getting themselves into when they follow, read and learn about your experiences that you decided to share with them…

So with that, let us begin.

My name is Dylan, I am a 21 year-old full-time student. I have designed and constructed this blog to elaborate on some of the  crazy adventures that I will go on in the near future through my desired sport, ultra-trail-running. I will post bi-weekly training photographs (along with a potential summary of my training progress), occasional rambles, and reviews. I am an extreme gear junky and like to test new products that come out on the market. Lets just say, I have tried almost every single shoe that pertains to my type of running (minimal w/a zero drop). So I will be routinely reviewing shoes, nutritional supplements (e.g. bars, gels, etc.),  gear (e.g. packs, headlamps, etc.) and different clothing apparel.

As you can tell, this blog will be more heavily focused on capturing images on my daily runs and outings; not so much as your common training blogs, that post day-to-day updates on what they did that day for training. I find this method to be better suited to share my experiences, because although one can imagine a great deal through words; a picture says 1,000 words. It will also be more geared towards reviews as well; because already having a Food Blog; I love to share my perspectives on products.

Brief Overview of My Training: First off, I do not have a set training program…I like to do a lot of things by feel and run on the terrain that pertains to the types of ultra’s that I am geared towards (e.g. Hardrock 100, Speedgoat 50k, etc.). So if I am feeling good 3 days in a row, I may go hard all three, or if I have planned on going hard that day, but end up not being able to push myself due to some reason (e.g. fatigue, injured, etc.) I will listen to my body (or try to…).

I run strictly in the Mountains and detest flat terrain. My go-to training run would be somewhere in Chuckanut Mountain, and the only time I ever run on “flat” terrain would be for a recovery run after already running once in the mountains previously that same day. I’ve been planning on broadening my horizons, traveling a bit to go explore some new Mountains (e.g. Cougar Mt., Tiger Mt., etc.), so I get a little more diversity.

Normally, I run in the morning and do some form of cross-training in the afternoon (e.g. cycling, lifting, climbing, etc.); but will more then likely incorporate 2-a-days here in the near future as well.

Total hours I train weekly at the moment range from 10-20 hours, focusing heavily on elevation gain. (*Note, recently coming off from an injury, 11-days off of running since April 5th to April 16th; so running volume is slightly lower then it has been).

Brief Overview of Current Gear Choices:

Brief Conclusion: That about sums it up; if you want a more detailed version of this, head over to the about page (*currently down for maintenance). To whomever stumbles upon my blog and decides to follow, I greatly appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Cheers & Thanks!


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